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Project Journal

Project title Somali Energy Transformation (SET) Project
Country Somalia
Project description

The main objective of this call is to increase access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy for rural and peri-urban poor. This action proposes to strengthen livelihood strategies of the Somali people and reduced fragility through deployment and use of renewable energy options to meet growing electricity needs, domestic water needs, livestock watering, irrigated agriculture and promote income generating activities through productive use of energy. It will also provide electricity to improve the efficiencies of health services and educational facilities. This action conforms to the sustainable human development and facilitates achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The action will mainly facilitate eradication of extreme poverty and hunger through the provision of energy aimed at increasing production in the agriculture and livestock sectors making food more affordable and in the process generating jobs. The proposed action also will deploy cleaner energy systems that are needed to ensure environmental sustainability and mitigate against climate change. Because of the multidimensional outputs of the action, significant contributions will be made to the achievement of the rest of the MDGs as well as of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) objectives on increasing access to sustainable energy services, while helping to fight against climate change. 

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Project Number (CRIS) FED/2014/352-925
Project component Off-grid/small-scale electricity production
Technology sector Solar photovoltaic
Technology sub-sector Efficiency cooking (Fuel Saving Stoves) Business development support Energy services business development Solar photovoltaic Support to market development

Overall Obiective: To contribute to poverty alleviation, fragility reduction and climate change mitigation for rural and peri-urban people in Somalia.

Specific objective: To increase the access to sustainable, affordable and appropriate energy services to at least 100,000 energy insecure households in rural and peri-urban areas of Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia. 

Impact to date

October 2017: The project is well under way: 11,209 pico-solar systems have been sold to households, 11 water pumping stations, 20 health facilities and 19 schools are equipped with PV systems, 10 cook stove producing groups have increased their production, and 4 national energy policy dialogues have been held with a total of 60 participants. 


April 2017: The project is advancing on all levels and in all three regions, which is very impressive given the difficult context. A number of outputs have been delivered to date: 191 pico-solar systems have been sold to households, 5 water pumping stations, 7 health facilities and 7 schools are equipped with PV systems, 9 cook stove producing groups have increased their production creating 76 jobs, and 3 national energy policy dialogues have been held with 20 participants in each session.  

Testimonies Not specified
Implementing body Adra Deutschland EV
Total budget 2,666,816
EC Contribution (planned) 2,000,000
Project operating start date 16-12-2014
Real end date 31-03-2018

Contact Details

Name Lukas Driedger 
E-mail lukas.driedger@adra.de