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Project Journal

Project title Rural Electrification by Photovoltaic solar systems of 30 secondary schools and 20 clinics
Country Burundi
Project description

Rural Electrification by Photovoltaic solar systems of 30 secondary schools and 20 clinics. The project seeks to install off-grid PV solar systems in 30 secondary schools and 20 clinics in the rural areas. The project is a part of an ongoing programme that has been slowed down by the lack of financial resources. The rural areas schools and clinics have been selected such that they cover regions that have not yet benefitted from previous interventions. The programme as stated above was started in 2006 and to date 29 secondary schools and 81 clinics have been electrified. 

Burundi's energy supply situation is one of the lowest and most outdated in the world. Burundi's energy consumption relies to a great extent on biomass. Households are the main consumers of energy in the country, accounting for 94% of total consumption.

The low electrification rate is a hindrance to modernisation, foreign direct investment and economic growth. The electrifying of schools will have a huge impact on the quality of education and the modernization of the secondary schools. Each school services a radius of 5 km in Burundi. The population density is 391 persons per square meter. Without electricity, the schools are not able to offer modern lessons such as computing and the science laboratories cannot be equipped with the necessary learning tools. More importantly, the children are unable to use the study rooms at night. Their home have inadequate lighting, which affects their ability to do school work at night. The secondary school timetable and requirements necessitates doing some homework after hours.

The clinics - In addition to having 24 hours good lighting and stable source of energy for refrigeration, the clinic will be able to use modern electrically operated equipment. Such equipment will be provided by the Ministry of Health and at time by Donor organisation. The district surgeon [doctor] will be able to conduct minor operations at the clinic. The clinic will be able to offer video and television based health education to the community.


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Project Number (CRIS) FED/2014/355-678
Project component Off-grid/small-scale electricity production
Technology sector Solar photovoltaic
Technology sub-sector Solar photovoltaic

To increase the access rate of electricity in rural schools and 20 clinics. 

Impact to date

A la fin du projet, les systèmes photovoltaïques ont été installés aux 31 écoles et 20 centres de santé

Testimonies Not specified
Implementing body Ministere de l'Energie et des Mines - Burundi
Total budget 2,379,564
EC Contribution (planned) 1,784,673
Project operating start date 17-02-2015
Real end date 31-01-2017

Contact Details

Name Nolasque NDAYIHAYE 
E-mail nndayihaye@yahoo.com