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Energy Facility Total budget EUR
EF I 422,408,706
EF II - 1st CfP 153,012,815
Fragility 20,637,504
EF II - 2nd CfP 212,172,923

Indicators - current status

Project information is gathered regularly. These indicators summarize the current results and impact of the Energy Facility project interventions on beneficiaries, energy creation, access to energy and energy services, as well as improved governance:

Beneficiaries of the Energy Facility projects

Number of beneficiaries, as expected by the end of the projects, and realised so far

Expected beneficiaries
Realised beneficiaries so far
14,729,832realised so far

Increase in electricity supply

Amount of annual electricity supply to various users (kWh)

Households Households
Hospitals and clinics/health posts Hospitals and clinics/health posts
Educational institutions Educational institutions

Access to efficient lighting

Number of various users using efficient lighting (LED, CFL) as a result of the projects

Commercial or industrial
3,420commercial or industrial
Educational institutions
1,056educational institutions
Hospitals, clinics/health posts
455hospitals, clinics/health posts
Other entities
15,857other entities
Total number of people
1,470,755persons in total

Energy Infrastructure

Increase in energy production and distribution

RES generated energy RES generated energy
Energy capacity added Energy capacity added
Transmission/ distribution lines built or upgraded Transmission/ distribution lines built or upgraded

Improved energy access

Number of direct beneficiaries with access to grid electricity and to non-grid electricity as a result of the project

Households Reading light
268,930Households with access to reading light
Grid electricity Grid electricity
Non-grid electricity Non-grid electricity

Access to water pumps and milling

Number of people with access to water pumps and to motorised mills and de-husking machines as a result of the project implementation

Water pumps
282,961people with access to water pumps
Motorised mills and de-husking machines
322,243people with access to motorised mills/dehusking machines

Improved employment opportunities

Number of jobs created as a result of increased access to energy and the ensuing economic growth

Jobs crated
36,389jobs created

Access to improved cooking facilities

Number of various users acquiring access to improved cooking facilities as a result of the projects

Commercial or industrial
4,776commercial or industrial
Educational institutions
427educational institutions
Hospitals, clinics/health posts
237hospitals, clinics/health posts
Other entities
141other entities
Total number of people
8,251,367persons in total

Institutional framework

Number of drafted National Strategies/Action Plans concerning RES generated energy production and access to modern energy services for the poor, as a result of the assistance provided and the increased capacity obtained

Number of plans
97plans drafted